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the previous news, Nike will also in this year's NBA all star weekend bring one of a pair of new design FoamPosite "northern lights" color, at present, release shoes have real spy, the visual effect is quite gorgeous northern landscape for inspiration and at present based on the iconic style of upper; it is reported that the color is expected to will be in February 2016 officially on sale. source: Bilskii5000 kilometers dream Chuzhan Rahm 2015-09-09 11:14:11's music as sports dream Rahm of Bayern is known all over the world. However, few people have heard of Rahm in Baicheng. The 19 year old raela wood · AI together metty, was born in the southern town of Baicheng Uygur girl, because of the love of football, and was affectionately known as the "Rahm girl". premiered at Chaoyang Park, a documentary produced by music sports, "Rahm's 5000 kilometers". And this time, "Rahm girl" became the spotlight of the protagonist, Bayern captain acted as a magnificent footnote on her way to realize his dream. On the screen, "women's activities that Rahm," the dream was a complete reproduction, after Xinjiang, Beijing, Shanghai three, across 5000 kilometers, just to help a football dream girl. The producer o new jordans shoes for sale f this film music as sports marketing brand marketing director Yang Guang, producer Xu Yuanzhuo, director of the CEO guitar technique vegetarian field, LETV sports female Super League director Li Zhibin, Xiao Kaiyuan camera were attended the premiere ceremony. elementary school in junior high school, Rahm in the courtyard of the brother's first contact with the football, and then out of control. In 2009, she was selected to the local women's football team in Akesu, 2010 to participate in the National Games in Xinjiang, 2011 was selected to Xinjiang team, while the dream has become timely tentacles, Xinjiang women's football team was disbanded in 2012, Rahm can not kick the ball is very depressed. When the players under pressure, work, marry, but Rahm for his football dreams chose to stick, and returned to Akesu football training together, at the same time to your dream school, Beijing Sport University to. is involved in the snow leopard soccer trial, teach small players; set foot on the football field, the football Department of Beijing, accept the guidance of teachers; to watch their favorite Bayern team in the game with the Bayern bird's nest, the zero distance contact; the scene to watch the fema foamposites for cheap le Super League, as a temporary reporter in interview after Shanghai women's participation; listen to the trial, coach Shui Qingxia Ariadne, and goalkeeper Zhao Lina talked about football, talk about the future; the match ICC International Cup match China, feel close to inter Milan, Real Madrid, European charm...... Along the way, every step is about football, about dreams. "everyone can better participate in sports" is the brand concept that music sports has always adhered to, and its rich sports resources make the dream trip finally take place. March 2015, LETV sports cooperation with Chinese Football Association, the future harvest season 5 female Super League exclusive media rights from this season, making operation promotion and signal and is responsible for the event; in July 2015, ICC was first brought China International Cup, for the event signal operation and production, also participated in the Bayern China for shooting. In order to make everyone better participate in sports, music music sports not only provide users with massive HD live broadcast, but also launched a number of offline depth event experience activities, including organization 〉 this week Ig shoe selection for everyone cheap jordans to bring air jordan 13 children's Charity Hospital, the high popularity of the air jordan 12 "the master" and the upcoming release of the nike air foamposite pro & quot; Yeezy" gibberish did not say more, we work together to take a look at it. SB Dunk High x DOOMNikeJordan AIr 13 " CP3" Retro; Kobe Nike 10 iDZX Flux XenoadidsLeBron Nike 11 What; the LeBron" " Jordan Air 13 DBRetroGel Lyte V x Monkey Asics TimeArmour Curry One LowUnderBalance New 998 J. Crew " Concrete; Jungle" ; XJordan Air 12 " The; Master" ; RetroAir Foamposite Pro " Electric; Green" ; NikeJordan Air 11 " Space; Jam" ; RetroKD Nike 8 Aunt; Pearl" ; "Air Max Nike 90 x Hurley " Hyperfuse; 4D" Phantom; Air Presto " Safari" Nike; Jordan Air 4 " Pure; $" ; RetroJordan Air 6 " Black; Infr〉 Retro by virtue of fragment design joint series regain new Nike sock dart, whether it is the distinctive shape of the contour, or light and comfortable wearing feeling, make it become one of the most topic type of shoes this year, overwhelmed by the brand and pre empt announced the two pairs of new color. Among them a black / white colorway and fragment design sock dart "black" is very similar to, but instead of showing a black translucent plastic cheap foamposites for sale gusset plate; and on the other a blue / white, let a person think of independence day pack in the series "game Royle" blue version. The difference is that in the end and the rear and were replaced by a white, supplemented with blue spots details a little decoration. It is reported that the two pairs of color to wait until next spring to meet with you, not before, buy friends, to take advantage of opportunities. source: COMPLEXadidas adiPower Howard 3 - Red / Black Pictures 2013-12-08 22:25:48 Dwight Howard has played for many years from the move to Orlando City of Angels, Los Angeles, although the Lakers color of the adiPower Howard 3 has not been exposed, but a few days ago appeared in a black and red color of the adidas adiPower Howard 3 on eBay. From the picture we can see, this adidas adiPower Howard 3 mainly in red, accompanied by a black and red camouflage pattern, very special. Huge Adidas three bars of silver to build a pattern of very bright. No news show The adidas adiPower Howard 3 Red / Black will be available for sale, like a friend to see more information about this shoe to go on eBay.As everyone knows Jordan Brand at the end of the year officially engraved this pair of the much anticipa jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ted Air Jordan 6 Infrared, black Friday this year November 28th is bound to turn in the global shoe city a panic buying frenzy, are you ready? And recently in Chicago Niketown display windows will add a pair of Sample version of Air Jordan 6 Infrared. The difference between the Sample and the production version of the 3M is not integrated into the reflective elements, followed by Jumpman Infrared made by red. Two different versions, you're more interested in what kind of design? air-jordan-6-infrared-2014-alternate-sample.jpg (39.68 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Infrared Sample 2014-9-3 12:50 upload air-jordan-6-infrared-2014-alternate-sample-1.jpg (24.54 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Infrared Sample 2014-9-3 12:48 upload air-jordan-6-infrared-2014-alternate-sample-2.jpg (41.93 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Infrared Sample 2014-9-3 12:48 upload air-jordan-6-infrared-2014-alternate-sample-4.jpg (52.68 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 6 Infrared Sample 2014-9-3 12:48 upload air-jordan-6-infrared-2014-alternate-sample-3.jpg (31.24 KB, download number: 1) download the attachment 0A few days ago Adidas officially released a new Cheap foamposites for sale generation of Kevin Dwiggins for Minnesota to create exclusive road PE version of Crazy Explosive, and today the brand again will this take to the field for our interpretation of some. This section uses more Primeknit knitted material lightweight breathable composed of uppers, while Geofit Bootie and TPU package design to enhance the overall stability, finally equipped with full palm Boost corrosion epicenter bottom end. adidas-crazy-explosive-andrew-wiggins-pe-release-info-6.jpg (256.64 KB, download number: 4) download Adidas Crazy Explosive Dwiggins Stadium - meet PE away 2016-11-4 08:22 upload adidas-crazy-explosive-andrew-wiggins-pe-release-info-7.jpg (285.88 KB, download number: 4) download Adidas Crazy Explosive Dwiggins Stadium - meet PE away 2016-11-4 08:22 upload adidas-crazy-explosive-andrew-wiggins-pe-release-info-8.jpg (242.44 KB, download number: 4) download Adidas Crazy Explosive Dwiggins Stadium - meet PE away 2016-11-4 08:22 upload adidas-crazy-explosive-andrew-wiggins-pe-release-info-9.jpg (274.77 KB, download number: 4) download Adidas Crazy Explosive Dwiggins Stadium - meet PE away 2016-11-4 08:22 upload adidas-crazy-explosive-andrew-wiggins-pe-release-info-1 Cheap jordans online 0.jpg (284.07 K0can be referred to as the classic things or things must be different in general, the classic and less, and when the classic encounter with the classic will be a collision of what kind of spark? Today, the protagonist of Lining basketball report - Wade Lining 808 (Wade LI-NING 808) is the use of the classic design concept and the classic shoe body color. is known to all, with black and red based color shoes always get more attention, the two color has always been a bursting popularity, and these two kinds of color, give a person leave impact people difficult to forget. And at present this new boots, in your first heard the name of this pair of shoes you will feel a little puzzled, "808" the numbers and wade like and not necessarily linked, but actually otherwise. "808" represents the classic drum machines Roland TR-808. When Wade decision and Li Ning company hand in hand, he will design the responsibility of their own personal logo over to his friend Kanye & middot; West, and Kanye & middot; West launched in 2008 album 808s & amp; heartbreak ", each piece has a TR-808 play, to pay tribute to the good friend, designers choose the used this name. Lining Wade 808 (LI-NING Wade 808) as the W jordans for sale ade team of the elite team of boots, inspired by the classic drum machine Roland TR-808. For the love of music, keen to study music friends will not feel strange for the Roland TR series, because its visibility is too high, the more people talked about TR-808. TR-808 appear in many different types of music, electronic, hip-hop or popular music has its shadow, 808 is one of the most common drum up on the hot list. Can be said that when combined with the classic classic color design idea, this pair of shoes is addictive. haven't wear feet, put this pair of Li Ning Wade 808 (- Wade 808) get in the hands of you will be able to feel to the upper with full texture of the leather material to build, even if the continuous progress of science and technology, shoe uppers technology innovation, but leather material texture and comfort is any other materials can not be compared, it can the greatest degree of fit our feet, comfort Juegan impressive. Of course, if to choose this pair of Lining Wade 808 (LI-NING Wade 808) to design the most impressive than the upper two-way velcro. Believe you for Velcro is no stranger, this design mostly in the ankle and foot position, it can greatly improve the shoes of protection and package, which makes the wearer more assured can devote to confrontation, most magic paste is one-way paste in after being used for a long time will appear unable to cement, poor protection effect. It is, therefore, Li Ning Wade 808 (- Wade 808) designers in the upper selected bidirectional Velcro design, this 〉Holiday, girlfriend to accompany me to the supermarket to buy a pair of warm shoes, came back, wearing a pair of expensive shoes, I can not help but think of a child wearing the first pair of "Nike shoes." That was in my elementary school when, even in our rural northern Jiangsu bread noodles are still a luxury era, not to mention the wear aspect, memory often through other people are wearing old clothes, shoes too. That winter, my father and to the neighboring districts of a relative's house to drink wedding. Unexpectedly, it began to sleet in the afternoon until dark nor meant to stop. Under my aunt persuaded his father, had a night stay, the weather is better go. I wear shoes to Bumian already soaked, freezing up, feet can be cold not walk. The bride's mother saw him, the house begins to come up with a pair of rubber sole, with many small stars on red shoes flower face, said to be the bride usually wear, it gave me. Where can I dare to wear ah, a big boy wearing a pair of flower girl to wear shoes, go out and let me see how my little partner who ah. I could not walk until cold feet, and this reluctantly put on a pair of flower shoes, try not to crowded places. finished the wedding, when my father came home, my mother saw me wearing a pair of rubber sole shoes flower, the happy non-forced me to wear it to school. She was about to school, but he did not make shoes for my mother, insisted I wear a pair of shoes to go to school spend that warm yet, and bursting. I am very reluctant to, but the family is no other shoes to wear, had no choice but to put on a pair of shoes to go to school spend. In order not to hit the road classmates or familiar people, every day I first walked into the classroom last to leave school. But one day, or are students in our class - my buddies Dasha saw it, I saw him like discovered the New World like a scream and said: "hey, we quickly Behold, the king wearing a pair of flower repair shoes Hey!" "or a pair of red Huaxie hey!" "and a pair of flower girl to wear shoes hey!" At that moment, I can not wait to find a hole to dig into immediately, his head buried deep beneath the desk, only to feel very hot very hot face. As I know what to do, teach the language of Ding walked into the classroom, he thought what happened, and walked straight up to me. Found only classmates laughing at me wearing a pair of flower girl shoes, I can not help but laugh. I saw Ding cleared his throat, like the discovery of the New World like, surprised and said: "wow Wang Xiu, is where did you get you a pair of Nike shoes ah this is a city people dressed in Nike shoes!? ! hey "in the eyes of the students confused, Ding went on to say:" My son in college in the provincial capital to buy a pair of Nike shoes like it, exactly the same style with it, than a pair of Kings pedicure Great point, Wang Hsiu-you can wear these shoes to really great! you have to learn ah! " I do not know if Ding's son really have a pair of shoes like this, but when Ding these words, the students began with an appreciation of envy looking at these shoes on my feet, but I no longer dodge the foot out into the corridor, so that they enjoy watching. Today, the shoes sold already know what a pack rat. But, since the Ding said those words, I no longer have to live in fear every day to go to school evasive.

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